Student Loan Forgiveness Scams

So many of us who ventured into the world seeking education came up short when funds were not available.  Many of us applied for student loans.  I applied.  I received and I achieved…until the bill came due.  Entry level jobs did not help me to pay the enormous debt that I had accrued.  As I grew into adulthood and sought jobs I felt always underwater.  Finally in my maturity I have a career and a husband which helps me to be able to pay these loans off after years of ducking and hiding when I didn’t have the money.  I heard about the Public Servant Loan Forgiveness program and jumped for joy!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that although I had been paying faithfully every month I received a letter from the Department of Education informing me that I was delinquent!  I told the representative about Equitable Acceptance and she laughed.  She said that they have nothing to do with the loan.  She said that they are scam artists who just fill out paperwork I could have done for free myself.  She said that the Department of Education actually handles the loan.  They had not even sent in my Public Service Application which my employer filled in for me proving that I worked for a title one school.

I was enraged!  I stopped payment on the service and ended up paying 3 months back pay to the Department of Education and tried that month to scrape by on leftovers and Netflix.  Now their billing department is calling me like I owe them money.  I told  the Equitable Acceptance representative about the Department of Education’s claims that they were not affiliated.  She compared her company to H & R Block.  She said, “We provide a service to help you get what you need.”  Oh, like an extra payment on my already bloated budget?  The thing is that I did sign a contract for a year.  I will not sign another one.

As stupid as I feel I do not want anyone else to have this same problem, so I am warning you.  I found this great article about it and the writer gives you information on how to do it yourself.  Do be like me.  Duped and in debt.


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