Why Isn’t My Ebook selling?

I wrote a novel in 2010 and have since procrastinated for the past 7 years on the second one.  One thing that has hampered me is the fact that my first book “Sugar Doll’s Hurricane Blues” isn’t doing as well as I had hoped.  I started it as a paperback novel but then read about the immense success of Amanda Hocking and her .99 cent books and decided to self-publish my novel as an ebook. See article here:   https://www.theguardian.com/books/2012/jan/12/amanda-hocking-self-publishing

I’ve made a few pennies here and there but not the millions promised in the optimistic articles I read about the author.  Then I discovered to my absolute and heart pounding horror that my book was on Google Search for free!  WTH?!  So I contacted a friend at Google and they looked into it and said that those sites were actually scams and didn’t really have my book and to ignore them.  There was a crazy number of something like 37K readers had previewed my book.  Unbelievable with my $386 in profits from the book so I had a mini nervous breakdown and continued to search myself on Google and other sites.  I also contacted CreateSpace and KDP and they stated that they had not given out my electronic copy.  They do have it on various channels for sale.

Indie publishing is new and it seems to me that writers of non-fiction books do well but then I just don’t know.  I’ve read hundreds of blogs and they all point to social media.  I have used Facebook ads and have paid for the privilege but is liking something buying it?  Not really.  Like the writers who may visit this blog either by accident or curiosity you may ask “Who does a girl have to blow to get some royalities?'”  (You may insert “boy” or your preference for that statement.  This wall or Catch 22 I am facing zaps the creativity right out of me.  Like why spend countless hours writing to have a few of your friends and a few strangers to read it?

For those “the joy of writing makes me feel complete” I respect your resilience.  I was a comedienne for years and as I recall after a performance I would garner some applause.  I am definitely not a joy of writing kind of girl.  I think my novel is excellent.  It’s fast paced and funny, yet romantic.  I read the work of others and have Amazon Prime so I may read even more.  So perhaps one more cog in the machine will help other writers to have their work on another person’s post.  Word of mouth as they say is effective.  If you are like me and scratching your head about your ebook sales then post here and share your story or advice.  If you have real advice which is not of the “just enjoy the process” variety then post here.  If you just want others to see your novel, post here.  Maybe one person at a time we will actually be able to buy ourselves lunch with our novel royalties.  I apologize in advance if anyone is offended by the “blow” comment.  It was a joke and an old one at that.  I didn’t invent it. Happy writing.


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